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Dilip Kumar an only Indian actor to win Diploma of honour at Kanlovy Vary film festival

Indian Cinema’s greatest actor thespian Dilip Kumar is fast recovering after being admitted to Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital on Sunday evening. Doctors have advised him to rest. We prays Almighty gives Dilip Sahab sound health and a cheerful life.

Dilip Kumar’s versatility as an actor is an acknowledged fact. While some call him an ‘Institute of acting in himself’ there are others who go beyond this and term him ‘The God of acting ‘. We all know about his dynamism as an actor but do you know that he is the ‘Only Indian Actor’ to get the prestigious ”Diploma of honor” at Kanlovy Vary film festival for his performance in GANGA JAMUNA!

His performance in GANGA JAMUNA is truly majestic. Star of Millennium, Amitabh Bachchan has many times acknowledged that he has seen GANGA JAMUNA umpteen number of times and each time he saw the movie he would marvel at Dilip Kumar’s commendable performance, more particularly the North Indian Purviy assent, which is so difficult to speak. Even Dilip Kumar himself rates his performance as one of his career’s best performance.

However, readers would be stunned to know that though GANGA JAMUNA is Dilip Kumar’s finest performance and he won international acclaim for the performance yet the Filmfare Awards did not consider it. Hence, despite being nominated he was declined the award and was given to Raj Kapoor for his performance in JIS DESH MEN GANGA BEHTI HAI!!!


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