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Imran Khan wants to watch Deepika in the shower!

He’s Cute! He has to be because he’s Imran Khan! But some girls from a hostel don’t quite think so. Why? Because like every hormone driven youngster he tried to sneak into a girls’ hostel and had a ‘Peeping Tom’ experience.

He drove his friends around town while they ‘made out’ in the car’s backseat. And now he’s evolved as this cute dimpled chocolate boy who’s happily married. Going a step further he reveals if he could be invisible, he would love to spy on Deepika Padukone while she’s in the shower! Well we all know that Imran likes to shower thrice a day but seems like he just got a whole lot dirtier!

Experiencing his first slap from a woman at the tender age of 10, this daredevil has continued the trend since and has admitted to being slapped innumerable times. Be it the most satisfying thing he wishes from a woman to which superhero he would like to be, the actor divulges it all!

Watch the Casanova talk about his ‘principles’ on cheating, his views on friends with benefits and his unthinkable journey through life.

Don’t miss this electrifying, naughty and sizzling episode where the hunk bares it all only on Superstar Weekends this Sunday on zoOm!

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