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Innocence is sexy: Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao Hydari has quickly transitioned from doll-faced ingenue to bikini wearing siren, too quick according to some. She debuted with a Sudhir Mishra film in 2011, but her next Akshay Kumar starrer sees her attempting a new kind of cinema. We caught up with the actress about the new developments in her life.

You seem to have developed a new affinity for the bikini; you are wearing it on screen, for men’s magazines etc. Are you looking for a change of image?
People know me as a shy girl. But I have another side to me- the free spirited wild child, which comes out when I am comfortable. I am not looking for a change in image but I want to be versatile and multi-faceted. I want to stay firmly in people’s hearts and minds and I asked the makers of the film to give me five weeks to get fitter before I am ready to get into a bikini. I know people are a bit surprised by my recent pictures because I have an innocent face and that is a blessing. And I wouldn’t want to change that. Innocence is also sexy.

How was the experience of wearing a bikini in front of the camera?
I would feel shy to walk the ramp in a bikini or be judged in a beauty pageant. But I am happily shameless in front of the camera. I don’t feel conscious at all. I forget how many people are there on the set and I don’t know if they are looking or not.

Who chose the bikini?
Stylist Phalguni and I mutually decided that I should don a pink and orange one, I love those colours.

Were you worried about the camera angles while shooting the scene?
Not at all. I trust Tony (director) and Ashwin Varde (producer). I knew they would not do anything that would make me look vulgar.

Do you sport a bikini when you are holidaying?
Absolutely. I have worn a bikini ever since I learnt to swim as a kid. And I am very comfortable wearing one. What else does a girl wear in a swimming pool or on a beach? Everyone should wear what makes him/her happy.

How did your parents react when they saw these pictures?
My mother knew that I have to wear a bikini in Boss. I have been brought up in a liberal family, and as long as I do my work with grace, they will never object. But yeah, if my mother got to know that my pink bikini shot is the most paused moment in the Boss trailer she would definitely worry. I haven’t told her yet. But perhaps now she will know (laughs).


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