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Malaika Arora ignores Katrina

Katrina Kaif and Malaika Arora-Khan share a rather cold history and the unfriendly vibes were felt once again during Kat’s visit to the Khan-dan for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

Malaika ignored the actress through her long ‘frienship’ with Salman Khan and the two did not acknowledge each other during the festivities at Alvira Khan’s Bandra home yesterday evening too.

“Katrina still drops by at Salman’s place often and she visited Alvira’s place where the family is hosting Ganpati. Katrina walked in and sat with Salman’s mother Salma while Malaika sat in another corner with Sohail and friends,” a source close to the family told TOI.

The two have never seen eye-to-eye but maintained a polite front while brother-in-law Salman was dating Katrina. With the relationship officially over, the niceties have come to a quick end.

“The two refused to acknowledge each other despite the fact that it was a happy occasion and a gathering of friends and family was watching,” added the source.

This is the latest episode in the catfight which has been brewing for many years and has kept the grapevine buzzing and by the look of it, a white flag is not yet on the horizon.

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