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Mandela’s granddaughter finds Ranbir Kapoor hot

Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter, Ndileka Mandela, loves Bollywood, and, in her own words, loves to see “some of her favourite stars in action”. She also admitted, “I do watch Bollywood films sometimes.”

So, which is the latest movie she has watched, we asked. “I have watched this movie… I don’t remember the title right now, but the emotions of the movie… the feeling is still with me. It was about a man falling in love with an autistic woman. Beautiful. I loved that movie, thoroughly enjoyed it.” Does she mean Barfi!? And why did she like it? “Aah, yes, that’s the movie. It was gentle, beautiful, and it taught me a lot about autism – I didn’t know much about it. And of course, the man who acted in the film – he was so handsome,” said Ndileka. Who, Ranbir Kapoor? “Aah, yes that boy. I loved him, I think Ranbir Kapoor is too hot,” she said.

Looks like she really follows Bollywood movies. “Not necessarily. When I hear of something special, I want to know what it is. But otherwise, I am more of a reader than a movie watcher,” she said. And does she have any favourite Bollywood stars? She doesn’t even pause to think, “Definitely the boy in Barfi!, the hot one, definitely. I also follow Bollywood songs a little. The famous songs, I like to listen to them sometimes. South Africa doesn’t really have a film industry as such, so it is more of Bollywood and Hollywood movies here. Bollywood movies make a lot of impact here. But I heard just now, someone was saying there is a film on Mahatma Gandhi being made in South Africa,” said Ndileka.

She also said she wants to come to India, and that it’s sad that it hasn’t happened so far. “I am a yogi, I am into yoga for the past nine years, and so, yes, I would love to come to India and spend some time. Actually, there is a guy who made all those plans for me, I had planned to go for two weeks. But then my grand dad fell ill, and I cannot travel right now. But yes, I have plans, and it would be lovely to spend some time in India,” she said.


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