Movie Review: Grand Masti (2013)

Box Office: Super Hit

After a hiatus of 9 years, taking forward the legacy of the brand, the ‘Masti’ team is back again with a sequel ‘Grand Masti’ which promises to be bigger, funnier and dhamakedaar.Three married guys Vivek Oberoi as Meet,Aftab Shivdasani as Prem and Riteish Deshmukh as Amar go out on fun experience in their college reunion in Shree Lalchand University of Technology and Science(SLUTS),finally to be trapped in a danger.

The naughty boys are back! This time around, the MASTI team of Indra Kumar and the flirtatious boys take a flight of stairs, serving no-holds-barred adult humor to patrons. Sure, there have been comedies in the past — clean entertainers and those targeted at adults — but Indra Kumar seems to be the torchbearer of this genre, getting it right in a row [MASTI, DHAMAAL, DOUBLE DHAMAAL]. This time — you may have guessed it by now — it’s much more raunchy, explicit, wicked, zany… and much, much, much more scandalous!

A film like GRAND MASTI isn’t plot-driven. Not at all. And don’t even expect a story here. It’s more about double entendres, [sexual] puns and gags and the writers go bananas to woo the spectator. There’s nothing left for imagination here, nor does it hinge on puerile or kiddish jokes, since the characters indulge in some really naughty play of words. The humor, let me add, may sound provocative, disgusting and offensive, but come on, what are you expecting from a film like GRAND MASTI?


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “GRAND MASTI crosses all limits and boundaries vis-a-vis adult humor. This one’s *strictly* for those who relish naughty jokes, outrageous lines and scandalous visuals.”
Bollywood Hungama
3.0 “You can sit back and laugh aloud at the crass jokes this film throws up at regular intervals.”
Times Of India
3.0 “Grand Masti is mindless comedy flick, though Enjoyable and Hilarious at Major Part. strictly* for those who relish naughty jokes, outrageous lines and scandalous visuals.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “If you enjoy adult comedies, Grand Masti will ensure a grand time!”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Grand Masti in its grandiosity spends more on the bawdy feelings with less funny and hardly any emotional healing..”
1.5 “Watch it to torture yourself.”
1.5 “Grand Masti doesn’t even make a stab at a plot, not even a sliver-thin one.”
1.5 “Funny and Cheap are two different things, this one is definitely the latter!”
1.5 “Grand Masti goes to an extent to suffocate the audience with extremely cheap jokes. “
1.0 “Indra Kumar’s GRAND MASTI is clearly targeted at the front-benchers. Most of the jokes do make you laugh out loud, but their double meanings sometimes embarrass you. “
1.0 “This is no grand masti, but intolerable cruelty.”
Indiatoday: Suhani Singh
1.0 “It’s neither grand, nor masti.”
Daily BHaskar
1.0 “It’s a sad attempt at sex comedy, but in an age when `American Pie` series is accessible to every teen, this movie just makes you wonder what humour has come down to.”
Zee News
0.5 “Nope, this adult comedy is neither grown-up nor funny. Completely avoidable!”
0.5 “Grand Masti is obnoxious and detestable so much so that it can pass for a mild porn film.”
0.0 “Grand Masti is unbearable and obnoxious.”
0.0 “‘Grand Masti’ reeks of insensitivity and touches a new low as far as obscenity in Bollywood is concerned.”
Yahoo Movies

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