Movie Review: Horror Story (2013)

Box Office: Avg.

The film begins with a man walking up Hotel Grandiose into Room No. 3046 and jumping off the building. The story swiftly cuts to a nightclub where a bunch of friends are gulping down shots to bid farewell to one of their closest buddies. News flashes show that the Hotel is shutting down for good, and that’s when spooky stories about the haunted place unspools to the gang!

The friends in a gusto of being foolhardy decide to go check out the place. Like luck would have the property is indeed haunted by a witch who wouldn’t stand anyone loitering around there. The friends are soon pinned down by the paranormal intervention as each of them will have to pay for entering the haunted land!

Director Ayush Raina chooses the desirable ingredients to create a ghostly environ, but the true test lies in frightening the spectator with spine chilling moments. Several Hollywood fares have redefined the genre and the bar for horror films has been upped for this reason. HORROR STORY follows the set pattern, promising to give the audience goosebumps and an edge of the seat experience. Besides, by doing away with the mandatory song and dance routine, Ayush remains firmly focused on the subject material.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “HORROR STORY should be liked by horror film buffs and those who relish this genre. Most importantly, it lives up to its promise of providing chills and thrills in those crisp 1.30 hours”
3.0 “For the those who love to watch horror flicks, this will be a perfect getaway to the horror world. “
One India
Average Reviews
2.5 “For fans of the horror genre, Horror Story is decent enough for a one-time watch.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “The film is heavily inspired from flicks like The Exorcist along with the climax turning into a bhoot-fair of sorts!”
0.5 “Horror Story is not even remotely scary.”
0.5 “The cheap thrills like suddenly keeping hands on one’s shoulder, doors fluttering unnecessarily, wheel chairs moving without anyone’s support and over the top the devil’s unwontedly funny face give us a headache.”


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