Movie Review: Maazii (2013)

Box Office: Disaster

Florist Tarun ( Sumeet Nijhawan), his wife Srishti ( Mona Wasu) and their little daughter live happily in the beautiful hills of Mussoorie. While Tarun is calm as a cucumber, Srishti is vivacious and dominating. Their idyllic life however gets a sudden jolt when Tarun ends up confronting two criminals who misbehave in his shop. The repercussions of that event put his and his family’s life in jeopardy, also bringing to the forefront some startling revelations and brutal confessions.

Debutant Jaideep Chopra smart sense of scene development gives the precision to this story which keeps the viewer surprised, shocked, thrilled and moved to the shifting relationships and delayed revelations between Tarun and the people he encounters.

Thanks to the screen writings of Sumit Nijhawan and Shirish Sharma who slowly and surely dope the viewers with their action packed thrill pill by their fine build up of scenes and characters.

Surjodeep Ghosh cinematography is fine. RP Yadav action is as required. , Rameshwar S. Bhagat’s editing is crisp.

The movie is powered by some neat performances.Sumit Nijhawan is subtle. Mona Wasu does an impressive debut. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub shines. Manish Chaudhary as the cop is fantastic. Zakir Hussain is wonderful. Mukesh Rishi is fabulous. Pankaj Tripathy is wicked.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “Maazii, which means the past, also takes us back to the stylish thrillers of B R Chopra like Dhund and Ittefaq.”
Time Of India
3.5 “It is one of the most watchable films of the year which comes to us without the loud recommendation of stars promoting their products like detergent soaps.”
India Tv News
3.5 “What lingers with you is the sense of being riveted, shocked, surprised and thrilled by this amazing piece of story-telling by director Jaideep Chopra. Go, experience the thrill!”
3.5 “Maazii is undoubtedly a smart, taut, edgy, action packed thriller having enough snaky twists and turns to keep the audience engulfed.”
3.5 “The lather here is legitimate. You cannot miss this one.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Maazii is a dark, haunting and unconventional tale of crime and redemption. In spite of no big names associated with it, it manages to hold your attention till the end.”
Time Of India
Negative Reviews


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