Movie Review: Zanjeer (2013)

Box Office: Disaster

Vijay is a brutally honest police officer who has been transferred yet again by the system for chasing the corrupt underworld goons. He is in charge of a case where the key eye witness [Mala] has seen a murder by [Teja]’s Gang and refuses to co-operate. Teja is the head of an oil mafia operation and doesn’t want Ria alive. Vijay manages to convince Ria to give a statement which makes her perpetrators come after her.

He gives her shelter in his house to protect here and soon realizes that she is slowly becoming an important part of his life. He also encounters [Sher Khan] who is into buying and selling of illegal cars. Seeing Vijay’s honesty and determination, Sher Khan turns over a new leaf and mends his ways to transform into a person who now only goes by the book. He has made Vijay a friend for life and will do anything to help him out.

Vijay on the other hand is also battling his inner demons where he is searching for his parents killers. He witnessed their cold blooded murder as a child and the nightmares continue to haunt him till date…

The film revolves around Vijay’s struggle against the system, his battle against his inner demons and the his chase after Teja.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “This is one remake that stands tall and lithe. It is manned by a manful supply of action and yet manages to keep the machismo understated.”
NDTV Movies
4.0 “Every time a remake comes along, we get gooey-eyed and nostalgic about the original. The Zanjeer remake gets it right. Dead right.”
3.0 “ZANJEER is a triumph for Ram Charan, who gets abundant opportunity to exhibit his talent and scores exceedingly well.”
Bollywood Hungama
3.0 “T
This film should be judged as a stand-alone offering because attempts to compare the two versions will find the current one falling short, especially in the dialogue and music departments.”

Times Of India
3.0 “This is an uninspired piece of filmmaking, where the makers aren�t even trying. “
Average Reviews
2.5 “Though the remake sticks to the original story as far as the main plot is concerned, the new Zanjeer is not as impressive as the 70s blockbuster.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Not one of the best remakes.”
2.0 “Needless tinkering of a story that was better left untouched.”
2.0 “A remake of the 1973 cult classic, Zanjeer fails to repeat history this time. The links in the chain meant to hold together Apoorva Lakhia’s remake have proven weak.”
India Today
1.5 “Zanjeer’s original script has been murdered.”
Daily Bhaskar: Mayank Shekhar
1.5 “The new-age Zanjeer doesn’t hold half as much promise as the cult classic did and literally falls flat on its face. Watch the old one once again and forget about this.”
1.5 “The movie was a disappointment through and through, and Apoorva Lakhia truly breaks hearts having remade a movie that remodelled Amitabh’s career and shot him to super stardom.”
Zee News
1.5 “Director Apoorva Lakhia’s Zanjeer is another entrant to the list of worst Bollywood remakes.”
Daily Bhaskar
1.5 “Director Apoorva Lakhia uses his special talent to make this remake as crass as possible, turning it into a pedestrian, B-grade version of the original classic.”
1.5 “This film brings with it a series of whys, the first being the biggest: why remake an iconic film which has never disappeared from view.”
0.0 “Apoorva Lakhia’s Zanjeer is an unwarranted, atrocious remake.”
0.0 “If at all you still want to watch ZANJEER, please buy a DVD of the original. It will be worth your time and money. “

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