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Nargis Fakhri hangs out with college students

Nargis Fakhri was recently invited to judge the finale of a college festival dance competition. The actress, who will be seen matching steps with Shahid Kapoor for an item song in his next, even got onto stage and danced with a few of the contestants.

However, it was what followed that made it a memorable experience for some of the students. A group of fans had created a scrapbook with their favourite pictures and interviews of Nargis that they gifted to her while she was leaving the competition.

As the crowd was getting unruly, Nargis was whisked away into her car by her security and had to leave abruptly. So she asked those students to drive with her to a studio where she was scheduled to shoot. They got a chance to talk to her on the ride to the studio, post which Nargis had her car drop them back to the campus.


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