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Riteish is the uncrowned king of sex comedy: Aftab

The mood is upbeat as Vivek Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh and Aftab Shivdasani — the male leads of the upcoming adult comedy, Grand Masti — meet up. “Why don’t you join us for a foursome?” Vivek asks director Indra Kumar, tongue-in-cheek, with his co-stars in tow. And that’s just the beginning. We bring you excerpts from a naughty chat with the trio.

Who is the king of adult comedy among the three of you?
(Aftab looks at Riteish and sings: Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam)
Vivek: (laughs uproariously) Isn’t it evident?
Aftab: Hum toh bacche hain, baap numbri toh bete dus numbri. Riteish is our daddoo.

Riteish, you have done four adult comedies so far. You seem to have become an expert in this genre…
Vivek: Not expert, sexpert.
Aftab: Riteish is the uncrowned king of sex comedy.

If there is another Masti…
Riteish: I am not doing it.

You said this even last time…
Riteish: I have done whatever I had to. My college life was boring, so I did this film to live a (s)exciting college life. I have never seen bikini-clad girls on college campus. And now when I vacate this space, Vivek and Aftab will take over the mantle and carry on the series.
Vivek and Aftab: Not without you daddoo, we need your parental guidance.
Riteish: I will be like Bhishma Pitamah, I will guide you guys.

Can you afford to do Grand Masti in real life?
Aftab: Vivek can’t, because he has become ‘Sober’oi.
Vivek: Riteish and I are married, but we are worried for Aftab. We left all the explicit scenes for him, wonder which girl will marry him now (perhaps referring to the sequence where Aftab is seen in a mouse-print underwear, and a cat leaps on him).
Riteish: Don’t try these stunts, leave it to the professionals, we do it well. But not in real life, only on screen.

The most embarrassing moment…
Riteish: The six-minute intimate scene in a tent. (The scene has Bruna Abdullah helping him unpack his bag. But to those watching the duo’s shadows outside the tent, it looks like they are indulging in kinky sex.)
Vivek: My mom can be very naughty. She says she wants to discuss the film with me after watching it.
Aftab: At some point during the narration, I jumped off the sofa and hid behind the plants.

Who will you watch the film with?
Riteish: I am running out of the country.
Vivek: My wife has decided to call her mother and make me sit between my mom and mom-in-law, which will be torture.
Riteish: And I want to see that torture picture on the front page of Bombay Times.
Aftab: I would like to watch it with the public.

What are your characters in the film?
All three: We are characterless… (burst out laughing)
Riteish: I play a gynecologist.
Aftab: I play a banker.
Vivek: The writer has to still define my profession…

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