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Akshay Kumar To Jump From The Highest Building

Akshay Kumar , known for doing dare-devil stunts is at it once again! While it is quite ‘normal’ for Akki to do a challenging stunt without a body double, this time, Akshay will be doing something very scary, and that too for the movie promotion of his upcoming movie Boss ! Akshay Kumar will be jumping from the tallest building of Mumbai!

Yes, you heard it right! Akshay Kumar has always believed in doing something different. Be it movies, style or doing stunts all by himself…Akshay Kumar has always differed from his contemporaries. Akki will now be doing something that no other actor would dare to do. Akki, who is also nick named ‘khiladi’ of Bollywood will now be putting his life at risk by jumping from the highest building in Mumbai.

What we hear is that the makers of Boss have tried hard to discourage Akshay from performing the stunt. But insiders say that Mr. Rowdy Rathore has already decided to go ahead with the stunt.
Hmmm…now we all know that Akki is perhaps the only actor in Bollywood who can pull off this kind of stunt with aplomb. We are sure that he will be absolutely safe. But the question here is…is it worthwhile to put his valuable life under such risk for a movie promotion?


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