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Am not competing with Priyanka in Krrish 3: Kangana Ranaut

“I am too tired and I don’t have time to invest in a real relationship with a man right now. Man is not my priority,” says Kangana Ranaut, who is ready with two back to back releases in Krrish 3 and Rajjo

You are the lady of the moment, with two back to back releases in Krrish 3 and Rajjo…
This has been a rather busy year. Shootout at Wadala (SAW) came in May. And now there are these two releases just a fortnight apart. It has been a very busy time, but I’m not complaining. In fact, it would have been crazier, but my films Queen and Revolver Rani have moved to 2014. Frankly, it’s high time work moved at this pace. Otherwise, I would have been shunted out I guess (laughs). The audience has a very short attention span. I have had so many hits and super-hits in the last seven years, but it is never enough. There is no such thing as ‘Oh, now I have made a place. So I can relax.’ You have to constantly be on the move.

You are competing with Priyanka Chopra in Krrish 3, right?
Wrong. My character in Krrish 3 is not that of a heroine. I play a mutant – a supergirl. She has shades of grey. She is fierce and then suddenly, she’s sweet. She is part woman, part animal. And I must tell you that most of the guys on the set were fascinated by her. There were whispers of admiration about my costume. Obviously, guys are more fascinated by these game characters. A woman doing somersaults and someone dressed in a bodysuit is special. So, I’m not really competing with Priyanka because we have not been given the same roles. I do have a love story with Hrithik, but it is not a conventional one. And yes, I’m one of the leads in the movie. But a comparison with PC is unfair.

There have been several reports of stress between PC and you. Are these publicity-driven?
Priyanka and I did Fashion in 2008 and we’ve always had a good equation. Even when she was promoting Shootout At Wadala, we met and had chatting sessions. I’ve never got bad vibes from her. Though we’ve not met socially after Aamir Khan’s party, even there she was very nice to me.

The SAW team pitched her guest appearance song against your role as the leading lady in May. Things looked sour between the two of you even then…
That I think was very wrong to do. It was in bad taste. Priyanka is not to blame for this. She was hired for the song and at that time, I didn’t know that they were going to put her on the posters of the film. It is not her fault that she was pitched against my character.

Getting back to Krrish 3, you had refused the film earlier. Why did you change your mind?
I am happy to land this role. When you are young and sensitive, you tend to get carried away by your emotions. I said no to Krrish 3 when it was first offered to me and expected the Roshans to hate me. I thought Rakeshji and HR (Hrithik Roshan) would never speak to me again. However, they invited me for HR’s birthday and they were so nice to me. I felt like a fool. I knew other girls were being auditioned for the part. And all through, I was in touch with HR. He is my friend and has always been. I’m a girl in my 20s, sometimes I act impulsively. But, I’m glad Rakeshji and HR made me understand and rethink my decision to do Krrish 3. No one has been so kind to me in the past. I didn’t do The Dirty Picture and I don’t regret it. But if I had not done Krrish 3, I would have killed myself.

Is it intimidating to carry a film on your shoulders — like it is in the case of Rajjo, Queen and Revolver Rani?
It is not intimidating at all. It is exciting to have a film revolve around you. Sometimes you are given an author-backed role like Queen, where you are the underdog, and then Revolver Rani, where you are the quintessential Quentin Tarantino heroine. So you get a lot of importance on the set also. At the same time, films are not run by one person. It is a bunch of people. Whether it is Sai Kabir, who is directing Revolver Rani, Vikas Bahl who is doing Queen or Vishwas Patil who is doing Rajjo, they are all behind-the-scenes heroes of their respective projects. You cannot underestimate their intelligence.

Don’t you think it’s unwise to release Rajjo on the same day as Ram-Leela?
I asked my director Vishwas Patil, a much respected author and historian, why he was doing something like this and he said that he is confident about his product and that he had nothing to lose. So I turned around and told him that I had nothing to lose either.

On the personal front, you have been making statements like ‘I have no time to invest in love’.
I have had really bad experiences with love. My last relationship was very sane, regular and safe. But being long-distance for most part, we hardly spent a couple of months together. My ex would often say to me, ‘Kangana, we meet on these holidays and it is like a movie. We get to see only the nice aspects of one another. We get to spend time on lovely beaches, everything is so perfect. We do not get to see the regular side of life. I don’t get to see you when you are stressed or you don’t get to see what goes into a normal day of mine.’ That wasn’t realistic. I’m not sure whether I am ready for a realistic relationship. And love is not the only issue in life. I’ve had issues with my family, including a troubled relationship with my father. My parents worry about my career. They see movies like Fashion, Heroine or The Dirty Picture and they wonder what happens to these girls when they get older. My younger brother, who is a pilot, has just joined me — I have not spent any time with him. My sister Rangoli is finally getting a chance to lead a regular life. It’s taken me seven years to get my family back. I have reached a point where everything in life is just about falling in place. In the middle of all this, I have no time to share this with any other person. He may come up with his own issues. I am too tired and I don’t have time to invest in a real relationship with a man right now. Man is not my priority.


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