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Besharam is not about doing vulgar things or getting nude: Ranbir

Think ‘besharam’, and by default, the meaning ‘shameless’ comes to mind. However, the makers of Besharam are optimistic the term will be seen as an endearment after today.

Reason? Ranbir Kapoor’s portrayal of the protagonist with a happy-go-lucky attitude, they say, will make audiences connect with the positive aspects of the term. “It’s not about doing vulgar things or getting nude. It’s about following your instincts and doing what you feel like doing, not what you are forced to do,” explains Ranbir.

The actor adds, “The film’s message hits bullseye. My character doesn’t fear criticism. He couldn’t care less for appreciation. He does what has to be done. Yeh character sochkar karta nahin, aur karke sochta nahin.”

As for Ranbir being perfect for the role, director Abhinav Singh Kashyap attributes it to the actor’s “attitude and approach to work… the way he conducts himself in public, the way he’s pursuing his ambitions, etc.”

Ranbir sums up, “All I can say is that a lot of people would relate to, or perhaps, find this character full of life and fun. He has a few endearing qualities, which might make him more acceptable.”

Besharam, produced by Himanshu Mehra, Sanjeev Gupta and Reliance Entertainment, releases today.


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