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Deepika Padukone almost pelted with eggs, tomatoes by Ram-Leela protestors

When Deepika Padukone got ready to attend the ongoing garba festivities in Ahmedabad, little did she imagine what was in store for her. Eggs and tomatoes! A group of protesters had gathered on the garba grounds to agitate against her upcoming film, Ram-Leela for some allegedly controversial content.

Onlookers say that the group had almost readied themselves to pelt Deepika with the eggs and tomatoes when they were informed that the makers had agreed to take the content off the film.

“Members of the Jadeja and the Rabari community were set to attack the actress as well as the organisers at the venue. The situation got tense but finally they backed down after they were told that the apparently offensive portions from the film had been re-dubbed,” a source said.

According to an insider from the production, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali had already communicated the decision to edit out the portions to the senior members of the community but word had not percolated to the agitators at the grounds.”

After the matter was sorted, the protestors left the ground and Deepika continued with the evening’s affair. The official spokesperson of the film says, “Ram-Leela is a well-made film which does not antagonise, offend or disrespect any community, whatsoever.”


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