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I wear lipstick even if it’s 3 in the morning: Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra, recently, during a visit to the TOI office, told us that she goes to New York and Los Angeles like people go to Panvel. She shared her travel tips and her formula for beating jet lag. Excerpts:

Normally, the effect of jet lag remains for 10-15 days. How do you beat jet lag when you go to the US for one day’s work?
1) Tune yourself to the country you are going to: If you’re going Transatlantic, tune yourself according to the time of the country that you’re going to. So, if you’re leaving Mumbai at night and you’re going to reach LA in the morning, then you don’t sleep and force yourself to be awake. You watch a movie, have coffee, whatever… but stay awake. You’ll never have jet lag. Do the same thing when you come back. If you’re reaching India at night, then sleep, but if it’s daytime, then again, stay awake. Jet lag normally lasts for some 10-15 days, so it’s better to trouble yourself for two nights, instead of 15 days. It’s hard, but if you can do it, then you can save yourself jet lag.

2) Hydrate yourself: It’s very important to do that. I travel 15 days a month, if not more. I drink a lot of orange juice and a lot of water on a flight. Orange juice has Vitamin C, which keeps the body hydrated. It doesn’t make you sick. It boosts your immune system. I drink a lot of Berocca (vitamin and mineral supplement in liquid and tablet form), which is lots of pure Vitamin C. It’s awesome. These two things will make sure you look and feel fresh in the daytime, wherever you are landing and it will sort you out fully to take on the world.

Actors look dressed up versus normal people, who look tired after a long flight. Why does that happen?
There are photographers on the airport to click you. So I change before I touch down. I have to wear lipstick even if it’s 3 in the morning because I know they are waiting. It’s not that today being an actress, I am concerned about how I look. I liked to be well-turned-out even when I was in school. My dad hated it if I looked like a jhalli. It was a rule in our family for all the women, to be presentable and well-turned-out. My mother and I were never allowed to walk out in our nighties. So when I walk out of an aircraft, I make my hair and wear my jacket. And I do that not only in India, but also when I land abroad as there are people all over to look at you. Even if they aren’t photographers, I’m the kind of person people look at anyway:-)

Your tips on what you shouldn’t wear on a flight?
Tight skirts. Tight dresses. The worst thing to do while travelling is to be in really tight clothes. The best is to be in a jeans and T-shirt. Sometimes if I need to go to an event directly from the airport, I will change on the flight and people may wonder why I am dressed to the T, but that is because I am going straight.

Do you have any favourite destinations?
I only go where my work takes me. I haven’t done a holiday in years. But if I do, it needs to be a place with a beach and a place where I can vegetate. That’s when I’m most happy. So when I was in Miami, I would spend an hour by the beach early in the morning before beginning work. It just made me so happy.

Are you fond of swimming?
I love the ocean and love swimming by the night because the ocean is scary. It’s the challenge of the unknown that is exciting. Also, the sound of the ocean calms me down.

Do you prefer to swim alone or with someone?
Depends. First of all I’m a really good swimmer, so you’ve got to keep up with me. I wouldn’t like to swim with people with whom it’ll be like ‘Arre chalo, come on now’. I dive off boats and all that. Heights, I’m scared of. Once my manager Natasha and I were having this diving off from a boat competition where she jumped in a jiffy from the third deck but I took time.

Do you have a favourite stroke?
I am multifaceted and am good with all kinds of strokes.


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