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Kangna Ranaut Refused Krrish 3 Courtesy Priyanka Chopra

Kangna Ranaut, who is playing a negative character in Hrithik Roshan-Priyanka Chopra starrer Krrish 3 apparently refused to do the film initially. Kangna reportedly thought that Priyanka Chopra, the lead actress in the film will overshadow her.

It is reported that when Rakesh Roshan offered Kangna Ranaut a role in his upcoming film Krrish 3, Kangna turned it down. Kangna said that after she refused to do Krrish 3, the movie was offered to Katrina Kaif, Chitrangada and some other actresses.

Rakesh Roshan said Kangana initially felt that since Priyanka plays the heroine in the film, her role might have to be trimmed. The film maker was finally able to convince the actress.

Well, well…we can’t blame these actresses for being insecure! But Kangna, we didn’t expect this from you! Afterall, you played the second female lead in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion too with Priyanka as the main lead.

Now, we all know that Kangna very well managed to secure a place for herself in our hearts with her terrific performance in Fashion, what say guys?

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