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Making Of: Commando (2013)

Karanvir Dogra [Vidyut Jammwal], a commando with the Indian Army, crashes into the Chinese territory. After being detained for a year in China and labeled an Indian spy, Karan escapes from the Chinese side and crosses into Himachal Pradesh. As Karan crosses into Punjab, India, he runs into Simrit [Pooja Chopra], who is escaping from Amrit aka AK47′s [Jaideep Ahlawat] goons. Amrit wants to forcibly marry Simrit.Karan bashes up the goons and in turn, invites the ire of Amrit. Together, Karan and Simrit escape into the jungles, when cornered by Amrit and his cronies. Thus begins a cat and mouse game between Amrit and Karan in the deep forests.

Vidyut Jamwal is only reason to watch movie. His Stunts are unbelievable. I guaranty you that you have never seen such FAADU stunts Ever. Movie have very poor story screenplay and direction. Pooja Chopra is failed to make mark in this movie.She not suites in Simrit’s Character. As Vidyut Jamwal performance in FORCE we all have very much expectations from him in COMMANDO and he not disappoint us. He really takes action to another level.His dialogues are also quite good. Vidyut Jamwal is best action hero in India as per my views. He performed all his stunts by himself without using cable except one where he jump in the valley. Movie may made better if the story was strong and directed with some better director. If that happen i am sure movie will become best action film ever made in bollywood. If you want to watch some stunning stunt’s and you are fan of action movies then this is treat for you.

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