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Making Of: Dabangg (2010)

Chulbul Pandey lives in Lalgunj, Uttar Pradesh, with his mother, Naini; step-father, Prajapati; and half-brother, Makhanchan. Abused by Prajapati, he refuses to have to do anything with him and instead becomes the town’s most corrupt police inspector. After the sudden passing of his mother, he is a little shocked when he finds out that Makhanchan is getting married to Ghatyal Master’s daughter, Nirmala.

Instead of opposing this marriage, he hastily proposes to gorgeous Rajjo, the daughter of the town drunk, Haria, attends the wedding uninvited, has the priest marry them first, and a furious Ghatyal cancels Makhanchan’s wedding. After the marriage, the couple travel to Dubai for their honeymoon, and experience the city’s new Metro as well as go on a Desert Safari. After their return, Chulbul will be pitted against an aspiring politician, Chedi Singh, who has now joined forces with the humiliated Makhanchan, who blames Chulbul for burning their business down and for his father’s illness – and the duo and their goons will go to any lengths to ensure Chulbul’s demise once and for all.

One look at Salman’s entry in the film and you know what’s in store for you. No superhero can walk like him, pack a punch like him or jump over obstacles in one breath. This is Inspector Chulbul Pandey in the hinterland of U.P where the lawless land is a haven for the corrupt. Regardless of his weird mannerisms of placing sunglasses on the back collar, his silly expressions or the brashness under his kindest self, Pandeyji is unmistakably charming. He will tend to let himself loose at times by dancing to Wanted’s ring tone that plays on a sidekick’s cell phone while he’s about to beat the life out of him. Try controlling your laughter at that point. Dabangg draws much of its strength from a screenplay that keeps the action rolling with Salman’s presence seldom missed. Witty dialogs in Bhojpuri add the most to the fun element while Salman’s rendering of them will leave you craving for more.

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