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Making Of: Vicky Donor (2012)

The story is about Dr. Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), a fertility expert, who runs a fertility clinic and a sperm bank in Daryaganj, Delhi, that guarantees high quality and specialised sperm for the couples without issue. Unfortunately, he has more failed cases to his credit than successes. A healthy and high-performing donor is therefore need of the hour. While searching for his ‘Indian Alexander’, Chaddha bumps into Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurrana). Vicky is the only son of his widowed mother Dolly (Dolly Ahluwalia), who runs a small parlour from their home in Lajpat Nagar. He provides no financial support to her. He has a girlfriend since childhood who lives in neighbourhood name Shweta (Puja Gupta).

A small brawl in the colony brings Chaddha and Vicky face to face, where Chaddha concludes that Vicky could be the donor he has been looking for. From here on, Chaddha’s days and nights are spent in convincing Vicky to become a donor until he finally gives in. Vicky falls in love with Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam) and dumps his childhood girlfriend. Ashima is a Bengali who works in a bank. Despite initial rivalry between Vicky and Ashima’s families due to conflicting cultures, they eventually convince their families and get happily married. It is discovered in the progress that Ashima is infertile and Vicky, with a heavy heart, takes better care of her. Soon their world comes crashing down because of Vicky’s past as a sperm donor, which Ashima can not digest.

Upon knowing this Dr. Baldev takes it upon him to reconcile the separated couple by holding a reunion of parents who had kids from Vicky’s sperm. Ashima eventually realises that Vicky’s gift to all those couples was much greater than her own disgust with Vicky being a sperm donor and they are reconciled. They go on to adopt a child conceived of Vicky’s sperm but whose parents have died in a road accident.


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