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Ranbir Kapoor will stay romantic

No matter how much does his personal equation with Katrina Kaif, or Deepika Padukone fluctuates, at least Ranbir Kapoor’s career graph is toeing a familiar trajectory. Whatever the script demands from the actor, his basic delivery from the role remains that of a romantic hero.

Whether it was the self-brooding Rockstar, or the mute Barfi, the wandering Kabir in Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, Ranbir has maintained a romantic outlook as a hero. Is the actor, who is known to be experimental about his choice of films, playing it safe by sticking to the romantic space? “Well, it is a demand that comes from my audiences. They want me to play a romantic hero. So, I just live up to their preferences,” says Ranbir.

But how long can a safe tactic like this work for an actor who wants more innovation in his scripts? “I have to stick to the commercial value of a script…that is the demands of this industry. Everyone right from Mr Bachchan, Mr Salman or Mr Shah Rukh, has had to bow to audience preference. So do I,” Ranbir tells us.


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