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Salman’s confessions on Bigg Boss 7

If you are an avid Bigg Boss fan, then this season sure is a pot-boiler. It has all the ingredients in the right proportions: romance, masala, bitching and fights.

What is even more interesting is that the host Salman Khan has found a platform to reveal his secrets on the sets. And he sure does it with an ease which was not there in earlier of the seasons. We bring forth a few revealing ones:

Elli’s the one It’s common knowledge now that Elli is Salman Khan’s favourite contestant. Apart from singing songs for her and asking her to sing a few lines for him, mouthing dialogues from her upcoming film #Mickey Virus, Salman makes it more than obvious that he has a crush on the petite actress. In fact, he even went a step further in one of the episodes and said that Elli has a striking resemblance to Katrina Kaif. Salman looked amazed when Elli revealed that she wanted at least five kids after she gets married. And if this isn’t all, Salman has never shown to ignore Elli in any of the weekend episodes.

Hair woes Salman revealed in one of the weekend episodes that he had hair fall issues during the time he was shooting for Tere Naam. The confession came after one of the tasks forced Apoorva Agnihotri and Sangram to shave off their head. Salman narrated an incident and admitted that the worse phase of an actor is when he starts to lose his hair. He further said that there was a time when he had terrible sinus problem and he had requested the filmmaker (Tere Naam) to postpone his shooting dates. And on a whim, he walked in his room and shaved off his hair. His dad was proud of him because he was able to face the fear and deal with it.

Anger management When tempers flew between Arman Kohli and Andy and the environment at the Bigg Boss house was mercurial, Salman narrated an incident with Govinda. He recalled how once when they were driving late at night, a bunch of young guys speed past them, waved and then abused (mother****) them before speeding off. Salman said that on Govinda’s insistence, they drove ahead, caught up with the bunch of youngsters and when they stopped Govinda had said, ‘Your mother is my mother… do you want to say anything more’. The youngsters were apologetic and apologized profusely to the stars before heading off. The host explained how important it is to control one’s temper and never to let go and make situations worse.

Andy was misjudged Salman revealed that his opinion about Andy has changed over the past few weeks. Andy has been seen to portray an extremely neutral side and stand up to what he feels is right and wrong. Salman confessed that he was wrong about Andy and he admitted that he has started liking Andy for his open attitude and positive nature.


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