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Sonam used to make me her elder brother when in trouble: Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor talks on growing up, losing weight, his love for video games, and women

You are constantly bombarded with questions about how you lost weight. Does this annoy you?
No, it does not. Why should it? Losing weight was one of the most difficult battles I have fought. If my story inspires even one person to shed some extra pounds, I would be more than happy. I was a lazy kid. If it weren’t for some very important people in my life, I wouldn’t have managed to shed even five per cent weight of what I have managed to.

What is your favourite hobby?
I love playing video games. I am addicted to FIFA and I keep playing on my PS3 in between shoots. I’ve grown up on a healthy appetite of videogames – mainly football-centric ones. I always had the latest launched console and every boy in school would be envious of me.

Your school memories?
I remember my school days quite vividly. I spent most of my schooldays outside the class. Although I had a fondness for History and Literature, I was never much into studies. Sonam and I went to the same school, and although we hardly used to hang out together, she would conveniently make me her protective, elder brother whenever she was in trouble.

What is the best way to sweep a woman off her feet?
I don’t think there can be any trick to it. But, I think it always helps if you are honest. Don’t be pretentious. That can act as a turn off. Also, at times it helps if you are a good listener. Pay attention when she is talking and respond when needed.

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