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When Shilpa Shetty was mistakenly addressed as Vidya Balan

When Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty recently attended an event, the owners mistakenly referred to the actress as Vidya Balan . She was inaugurating the launch of a jewellery store in Pune.

Actress Vidya Balan is currently the brand ambassador of this store and we hear that she has apparently been signed for the next two years as well. Vidya could not make it to this event because she was busy shooting for a movie abroad.

The owners of the store mistakenly addressed Shilpa Shetty as Vidya Balan. Such a blunder usually tends to offend celebrities but Shilpa was nice enough to forgive the store owners. She was confused at first and then exclaimed, “I will forgive you for that. Never mind, Vidya is a friend.”

After the event, the jewellery store owners were asked if they would like to have Shilpa Shetty as their brand ambassador. To this question, the owners replied and said that they are happy with Vidya at the moment. “Since we have signed Vidya, we will not be taking any other ambassadors. However, we are lucky to have the gorgeous Shilpa to inaugurate our eighth store in Pune,” the owner said.

Shilpa had a good time at the event as she entertained the audiences present at the event. She even joked and laughed along with the others.

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