A story with lots of action but not enough fun – 3.0/5.0

By: Smitha

First the good parts about Krishh 3. Vivek Oberoi doesn’t look like Vivek Oberoi. Hrithik looks as good as ever (and a shot of him with his pants almost falling off, showing off each and every muscle and bone had the girls in the auditorium going wild). Kangna Ranaut looks good in whatever crazy get up she decides to doll up in. The special effects are very good. The man-Janwar combinations with tongues like frogs and chameleon like body changing qualities are pretty cool to look at. Even the virus outbreak looks quite horrible.

Now for the bad parts. The story is sort of sluggish and though it is a pretty solid if not conventional story it moves like solid matter , slowly and stodgily. That makes for boredom even though there is continuous action on the screen. There could have been funnier moments (Rajpal Yadav tries but he has only 2 scenes). A married romance is no fun and a pregnant woman even less so. If the romance between bad girl Kangana and Krishh had a few sizzling moments it would have added some interest to break the saccharine goody goody feel. The songs are not zingy enough and don’t showcase enough of Hrithik’s dancing skills. Priyanka is boring. Kangna makes a good villain but should have done something more original than imitating Catwoman.

The movie has lots of stuff going and there is a well defined conflict of good and bad but the emotional connect seems to have gone missing. There is a lack of the innocence and wonder which made this story memorable in the first place. That is its drawback.

The audience in the theatre had come determined to scream every time Hrithik came on screen to dance, beat up someone, save a kid or just look good in a yellow shirt. That sort of made the movie fun to watch. The energy of the audience, the crazy jokes made for a party atmosphere.

Should you watch it? Sure, if you are going with kids. Though the accent on too much action and very little else makes it tedious sometimes, the kids will like the action . Definitely go if you like Hrithik. Good idea to go if you just feel like having a good time screaming and letting off steam. It’s not a great movie par bura na mano Diwali hai. Anything feels good with friends, family and mithai. Wishing you all a happy festive season!


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