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Akshay Kumar scares Ranbir with cards?

A Khiladi on screen, he’s one off screen too! Yes that’s right! Akshay Kumar sure knows how to scare his peers away. At a recent Diwali bash thrown by the Bachchan’s, celebs were apparently afraid to play cards with Akshay Kumar.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, many B-Town stars turned up at the Bachchan’s residence to participate in Diwali festivities and no party is complete without a game of cards. And all of them seemed scared to play with Akshay. Apparently, Akshay had mastered the art when he was working as a waiter in Bangkok.

Further to reports in Hindustan Times, while Akki was having a tough time trying to get a table to play at, he convinced Ranbir Kapoor to join him. An insider says that Ranbir had heard of Akshay’s mastery and that he was a dangerous player so the Kapoor scion refrained.

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