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Before I became an actor I was preparing for debut play on the Prithvi stage: Ranbir Kapoor

Prithviraj Kapoor’s family is the first family, be it in cinema or theatre. The youngest superstar of the family, Ranbir Kapoor, visited the Prithvi festival on its inaugural day, trotting behind his parents like a little boy, much like he must have done many times in his childhood. He spoke exclusively to TOI, the presenters of the festival this year. Excerpts:

Any memories attached to Prithvi theatre?
Since I was born, I have been coming here. Shashi dadaji, Kunal uncle and Sanjana aunty have been taking care of Prithvi. As kids, we used to come here to have Irish coffee as that was the only alcohol we could have at that age. And, of course, the brownies. My sister and I would get invited every Friday from school to come and see plays. But we would get very bored as we could not understand or appreciate theatre that much as kids. I never liked it as a child as you had to be quiet and everyone around was very serious. I never had the patience to watch a play. But now that we have grown up and travelled across the world and got exposed to Broadway and seeing plays at Prithvi, I have started enjoying it and understanding it. I now realise the value of theatre and what Prithvi has done for the theatre culture. We feel so proud that Prithvi is a landmark in this country and is named after my great grandfather.

Being an actor, what does theatre mean to you?
Lot of people feel that theatre is pretentious, but actually it gives you the freedom that we don’t have in cinema. Theatre is an actor’s medium. To express yourself live in front of your audience for three hours gives you a high that you cannot get with acting in a film. So theatre means a lot.

Did you ever think of doing theatre?
Before I became an actor, I was preparing to act in a play Shatranj Ke Mohre, which Ramesh Sippy was directing. Fortunately or unfortunately, Saawariya happened. So I stopped rehearsing for the play. I had rehearsed for it for a month and was very excited that I would have debuted on the Prithvi stage. I hope I can muster some courage and not be greedy enough to be able to do a play soon.


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