Clicked: Chitrangada Singh hot and classy on Harper’s Bazaar

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do! Yes, so when Chitrangada Singh was recently in the city for a fashion shoot with Harper’s Bazaar she went the whole hog trying out chic looks. You can see all that here!

The November issue of Harper’s Bazaar has our very own, very classy and sexy Chitrangada Singh glamming up the fashion issue. The lady, who can easily kill with her looks, has donned all Dior outfits from the brand’s Fall 2013 collection.

A winter evening-essential shoot accompanies the spread, which has been shot in Paris — the city of love, wine and fashion. For Paris, the entire shoot also has a romantic feel to it, but it’s Chitrangada who is the toast of the shoot and not Paris.

The November issue also features an exclusive interview with the actress where she divulges her interests, ranging from theta healing to fashion idols to films, family and her journey from a fresh faced 20-year-old to her current stardom.

The issue also focuses on fall fashion trends, boxy bags, pretty pastels and workwear chic. You can catch Chitrangada Singh showing the season’s trends here:

Chitrangada Singh hot and classy on Harper’s Bazaar


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