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Faceoff: Shutterbugs vs The Bollywood Stars

Bollywood personalities, for some reason, usually respect their time more than anybody else’s. Furthermore, it’s a norm to be fashionably late at events.

And when Saif Ali Khan happened to reach for a press conference four hours late in Delhi, he ended up with a situation he wasn’t expecting — outrage amongst mediapersons, especially photographers.

Maybe this incident has something to do with the city it happened in. Or maybe it doesn’t. Anyway, there have been instances in the past when things really got out of control between the stars and the shutterbugs…

Panchgani was the chosen venue for Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s wedding.

As expected, the shutterbugs crowded the entrance with the hope of clicking the best possible shots of whichever celebs they could spot. After some time, the photographers grew restless and started breaching the area they weren’t allowed in.

Bodyguards, belonging to a security agency run by Ronit Roy, jumped into action leading to ugly scenes. Eventually, Aamir apologised to the media for the unintended chaos.

During a promotional event of Chennai Express in the city, Shah Rukh Khan was supposed to reach at 3 pm but didn’t show up until 5.30 pm. And when he finally did, the photographers went crazy and there was quite a melee to be witnessed between them and the security present at the venue.

However, SRK diffused the tense situation by profusely expressing regret for being late at the very start. No wonder everybody calmed down. And interestingly enough, none of the shutterbugs left the building despite the delay and the resulting cacophony.

If you think Salman Khan was volatile once before he turned calm, you haven’t seen Shera. Known for ferociously protecting his client from overexcited fans and whatnot, the bodyguard once caught himself on the wrong foot in 2011.

Salman had arrived at the opening ceremony of a gym and although he was late by more than a hour, the actor gestured angrily both at the mediapersons and fans assembled there. Shera went a step further and pushed back shutterbugs. A lot of them protested and left the event. No apologies whatsoever.

When Abhishek Bachchan tied the knot with Aishwarya Rai, it was obvious that the Bachchan family wanted the event to be as private as possible. But then, the media won’t give up, would it?

In the ensuing tussle between bodyguards and photographers at work outside Prateeksha in Juhu, one lensman was apparently manhandled and got injured in the process. As a result, the infuriated fellow-photographers also decided to boycott the wedding even though they weren’t ‘invited’ for it in the first place! In the end, Big B apologised for the inconvenience.

Kangna Ranaut contributed her bit to humour in March when she arrived late (read late as in real late) for the first look of her upcoming I Love NY. Turns out, after waiting for her for too long, the organisers decided to go ahead with the schedule.

And when she finally reached the venue, the actress reportedly threw a fit as she felt that they should have waited for her a bit longer. It was quite obvious that the photographers present there had reasons to smirk because this was one of those moments that usually happens to a photographer — not a Bollywood star.

Early this year, Ram Kapoor saw himself earning ire from the photographers at a promotional event for his film Mere Dad Ki Maruti.

He was apparently not only running late but also proved difficult to click as he seems disinterested in the whole pose-for-the-camera routine. No wonder not many shutterbugs were left impressed by the arrogance put on display.

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