For a movie that endorses EVERYTHING under the sun it does a pretty bad job – 1.5/5.0

Verdict – For a movie that endorses EVERYTHING under the sun it does a pretty bad job supporting assisted birth technologies and bone marrow donation

The film opens with Hrithik Roshan’s Rohit following up a product endorsement of Bournvita with encouraging the Bharati parivar to go out for some sun therapy. Aint happening Professor sahib. Cut to Vivek Oberoi pulling off a hybrid Angry Young Man/Thakur in a wheelchair all angst ridden asking his mutant reptile human “babies” Main Aisa Kiyu Hu? Maybe they just drew you this way. Kaal (Oberoi) spends his time creating terrible viruses and giving CIPLA competition by selling Africa the antidotes for them. He gets by with a little help from Kangana Ranaut’s Kaya, a strange chameleon creature—her superpower being avoiding wardrobe malfunctions. Kaal decides to attack a country which though pacifying its people with dua being viruses ki dawa takes its disappearing ice cream scoops very seriously. Enter superhero Krrishh. State of Emergency. The good professor discovers Krrish’s genetic material is a powerful antidote to all the evil Kaal can throw at us. That it can also cause the chameleon to cast upon herself piyaar ka rung (Kaya ki tou kaya palat gayi) and a pregnant Priya to park herself in the middle of a viral outbreak and dance on stage in high heels in 9 metre saris with nary a health risk was something that he never calculated. Damp squib, this Diwali release.

By: Aneela.Zb


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