This one makes Ra.One look good – 3.0/5.0

By: Ameetbhuvan

There are a few things that Krrish3 does real good; endorse everything under the sun from milk additives to websites to security agencies just everything that could lend money to make this mega budget ambitious excess. Second, it sets a decent bar for the next (yes, sadly we will not rest till we have made a superhero film again) caped crusador to arrive in Mumbai and save the peeps out there. It has given us one of the better defined negative roles in recent times with Kaal as well. For the rest of the film though, Krrish3 is a cringe fest that marries 80’s bollywood emotional excess with Hatim Tai school of CGI.

Krishna, his dad Rohit Verma, and now his wife Priya are living in a homely set up in Mumbai- Priya works for Aaj Tak (who incidently pay her a bomb so she can afford africans who sing Raghupati raghav on her husbands birthday), Rohit is researching dumbass stuff that look cool cause he says it in his dumbass style, and Krishna is shifting jobs while he moonlights as Krrish, saving people from burning houses and crashing planes. In another part of the world similar bonhomie exists between Kaal, a wheelchair bound bad ass finger pointing magnetic guy who loves mixing animal DNA with his blood and creating Manvars (yes, they actually used the term). All hell breaks loose when a virus made by Kaal is cured by Krrish and his dad, Kaal decides to kill Krrish, a lot of emotional crap happens and three outrageously hideous songs after, Kaal is dead and Krrish has a new baby.

Up front, a lot of thought seems to have gone into making Krrish3. The bad guys are well thought of, after watching a gamut of superhero flicks from the West. Every single detail from Xmen, Spiderman, Superman, and i suspect even Green Lantern finds its way into Krrish. Only to me remixed with cringe worthy hyperemotional drivel that made films like Himmatwala a hit in its time. While there is ample ambition in sight, Krrish3 sufferes immensely from an excess of intent and a sever melodramatic direction style.

The film oscillates between good ideas and seriously outdated emotional overdose, particularly peaking at the God Allah ditty. Agreed we still dance in clubs in our films to choregraphed moves, but Krrish3 takes us right back to the bad old days of Hindi cinema. Then there are outrageously bad acting extras ine very scene faking even the easiest of human emotions and making every scene an absolute “its so bad its good” gem.

The two performances that stand out though are Vivek OBeroi as Kaal and Kangana as Kaya the mutant- both have the best roles in the film and more often than not tower over the sketchy writing they are saddled with. The same cannot be said of Priyanka who has nothing to do in the film other than stand aside and say “wow papa, yeh kaise kiya?” and dance to stupid songs. Hrithik on the other hand is earnest, but none of his roles, either as Krissh krishna or Rohit leave the impace the first two parts of the franchisee did.

The real problem however is Rajeshh Roshan, credited with writing, story and direction. His target audience seems to be kids and adults who have no brains at all- for even a vial containing virus has to be named virus, lest the poor illiterate imbeciles in the audiences do not get it. A lot of vague bio mumbo jumbo is tossed around to sound really futuristic, so bone marrow, dna, fusion, mutants, meet mythological ideas of rebirth and brith giving birth to audacious lines like “krrish ek soch hai jise koi kaal nahi maar sakta” (slow claps emerge on a distant planet outside the solar system the moment Priyanka delivers this line as you wonder is this what she came up with shuttling between her Exotic singing career and apna Bollywood). The CGI, made completely in house, is well… moderately less embaraasing than before to say the least- what kills it is the way it is integrated in the movie- save for the climax, no where does the VFX impress.

Krrish3 leaves you with a lot of questions. How can a single film have so many bad songs? How can a single movie have so many bad extras acting in it? What was Priynaka smoking when she signed on this film? And most importantly, will mars be habitable for you escape before Krrish4 makes it to the multiplexes on earth? Ponder on these existential questions as Priyanka and Hrithik say Ola Amigos Sabko salaam. Remember, Krrish ek soch hai… jo sar dard dila sakta hai.


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