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I felt naked in my costume: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has been a busy lady, promoting two back-toback releases, ‘Krrish 3’ and ‘Rajjo’. And thanks to the Hrithik (Roshan) hysteria there were instances when Kangana was mobbed. “I can’t handle crowds, I’m craving some peace and quiet,” said the actress who’s planning a trip to New York.

Kangana says that the city offers her anonymity and the opportunity to continue her education. She plans to take up a course in screenplay writing and pursue sculpture making.

“I left school when I was really young and missed out on an important phase of my life. This will give me a chance to pack my bags with pencils and paints, buy books and feel like a schoolgirl again,” she said. “Even if I get away for a month it will be rejuvenating. May be some day I will write and direct my own film, but for now I just want to be on my own.”

Meanwhile, married life has been keeping sister and closest companion, Rangoli busy. “I hardly get to see her, but I’m happy for her,” said the actress. For Kangana though marriage is a distant dream. “I’m complete the way I am, I have friends I never had before, and I love my own company,” she insisted, already planning her escape from the country. The getaway comes at the perfect time. Krrish 3 is a blockbuster and Kangana who has been getting rave reviews for her mutant act, can afford the break before her next film Queen catches up with her. When producer-director Rakesh Roshan offered her the role, he admitted that any actress could play Kaya “but no one else can bring to the character what you can”, he added.

For two years Kangana gave her all to the sci-fi because after playing vulnerable characters in films like Rajjo and Queen, she felt good explore a character which complimented her strong personality, passion for fashion and gave her a chance to try her action chops.

“The somersaults and sky jumps would have been fun had my designer not given me a costume made of special plastic which fitted me like second skin and could be ripped by a finger nail. I felt so naked in it and was petrified of a wardrobe malfunction. I would keep checking to reassure myself there hadn’t been an embarrassing accident,” she said.

The unforgiving costume also demanded that she be at her physical best. An added worry was that in popular Indian cinema where dramatic characters are applauded, Kaya risked being misinterpreted as an expressionless ice-maiden. But Kangana, got more compliments than leading lady Priyanka Chopra. “I was treated on par with the other stars. Whenever Rangoli called frantically about my travel or stay arrangements, Rakeshji would tell her not to worry, I’d be fine with them. I was made to feel special,” asserted Kangana, happy to put the memory of her previous collaboration with the Roshans, Kites, behind her.

Is she equally confident of ‘Rajjo’ which is a complete change of image from Krrish 3? “I’ve never wanted to get stuck to an image and I’m never confident of a film’s box-office performance. If it’s accepted, I’ll be happy, if not, I won’t be too disappointed,” she shrugged nonchalantly. And how was it, romancing a teenaged schoolboy Paras Arora, whose on-screen age had to be upped from 18 to 21 following objections from the censors that his character was too young to get married? “I used to be amused when Paras would tell us that he’d be late coming to the sets because of his board exams. He used to be very shy and our conversations usually centered around school,” she laughed, recalling how for a scene where Paras had to put his head on her shoulder he got so nervous that she had to hold his hand and guide him. “At his age, I guess any girl would make him nervous.”

Rajjo’s music release became a talking point because Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde chose to attend the bash rather than fly to Patna and look up blast victims. Buzz is that she even kept the politician waiting? “My director Vishwas Patel is an IAS officer, Mr Shinde and he have an equation. I’d guess that’s why he was there,” she reasoned, adding. “I was promoting Krrish 3 at the time and was called at 7.30 pm. I wasn’t late.”


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