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Katrina Kaif skips trailer launch of Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan on Wednesday launched the official trailer of the most awaited film of the year Dhoom 3 in IMAX format. Katrina Kaif, the female lead of the film, skipped the trailer launch of Dhoom 3.

Katrina has been avoiding the media after her holiday pictures with Ranbir Kapoor made headlines in several publications. Recently, the actress gave a miss to promoting a Japanese branded messaging application in front of the press too.

Makers of Dhoom 3 have been trying their best to keep all information under the wraps since the film was announced to get a stoic response. Which is why Uday Chopra was probably ‘asked’ to skip the trailer launch of Dhoom 3.

When Aamir Khan was asked about his co-actors’ whereabouts, he said, “I cannot tell you where is Katrina. It is a secret. Uday is in Los Angeles.”

“Emotions have been introduced in Dhoom 3. Thrill is detained,” added Aamir.

Abhishek Bacchchan said: “Dhoom 3 is a bit edgier and the emotional quotient is high. Dhoom 3 is not a conventional rob and cop story. Unlike Hrithik and John, Aamir plays an emotional character in the film.

When asked about Chennai Express breaking records Aamir said, “We are not looking at records. Audience should get entertained and their expectations should d be met. That’s all we are looking at.”

“Katrina is a fantastic dancer. She was not at all nervous while doing a scene where she pulls her leg on my shoulder. In fact, I was nervous,” rues Aamir.

Reportedly, the launch of Dhoom 3 trailer was a huge scale event and the exhibitor received umpteenth enquires.


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