Krrish 3 is an uninteresting superhero film with little sense of fun – 2.5/5.0

By: Nikhil Arora

How can a superhero film be so uninteresting? Krrish 3 is a big budget yawn. There are moments where the film is entertaining, in a campy way, but they don’t last. I wasn’t impressed with the trailers and the film didn’t turn out to be a surprise either.

The film opens with two ridiculous scenes, which offers multiple moments to cringe. The villain and the heroes are introduced. Kaal (played by Vivek Oberoi) wants “insaanon ka khaatma” and conducts his first deadly experiment. On the other hand, the Krrish family conducts Frankenstein-like experiments to make dead things come back to life. The rest of the film is an extended roll call of imitating Hollywood superhero films. Krrish saves a plane from crashing, similar to Superman Returns (2006).

Soon, X Men-like mutants arrive. Kaal is on a wheelchair and also has telekinetic powers, a cross between Professor Xavier and Magneto. He also has a lair atop a snowcapped mountain borrowed from the Bond villain – Blofeld from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969). Kangana Ranaut plays Kaya, who is Mystique without the hot blue bod. Then there is Toad, a douche who steals people’s ice cream scoops (just the scoops, mind you) with his super-long tongue. (I don’t know what the guy’s name was in the film and neither did I want to know.) Kaal’s henchmen/women are called Maanvars. A sign that puking a little in your mouth can be considered, while you are busy cringing.

Then comes the first song, that routine song to mark the brilliant Hrithikian dance moves. Except the song this time is so mind-numbingly bogus that it’s hard to watch him dance while your ears are subjected to pain. For some reason, a black man sings Raghupati Raghav and Priyanka gets to lip sync stuff like “Hola Amigos Sabko Salaam”. By this time, the cringe count had hit the roof.

It’s not like the film moves at a slow pace. It’s just that what is happening on screen is extremely unoriginal and uninvolving even when it is watchable. I couldn’t bring myself to care for the story or the characters. The second half begins with a statue of Krrish being unveiled, just like the end of The Dark Knight Rises (2012). After which comes the second song, called God Allah Aur Bhagwan, which would definitely make the gods cringe. I did begin to gain some interest when Kangana Ranaut’s character decided to actually have a character arc. But then came… yes… a song! How can one film contain so many bad songs? There is also a ghastly song on the album where Rajesh Roshan tries to ape the Honey Bunny – Idea jingle. Meanwhile, the background score by Salim Suleiman is trying to imitate Hans Zimmer throughout.

Many plot holes later; we arrive at a twist that anyone could have easily predicted. If I had any interest in the story in the first place, I would have too. Soon enough, lots of destruction takes place like Man of Steel (2013) and we finally get to a climax, which is all sorts of ridiculous. Lastly, there is a pre-credits scene (since post-credits scenes are so passé), which is laughable and silly but also alarming because it signals a sequel.

If there is any actor who should play a superhero in India, it is Hrithik Roshan. Although I felt his talent is not being utilized to the fullest. He aces it as Rohit Mehra but as Krrish, not so much. Priyanka Chopra and Vivek Oberoi are strictly okay. Kangana Ranut surprised me. She looked cool and performed well.

There were some places where I was impressed with the visual effects. Most of the time though, they are substandard; even the buildings look fake. It’s sad that we still don’t have one film with decent VFX.

Krrish is a masked do-gooder. The only good thing I saw him doing in the film is when he saves a child and tells him not to imitate him by trying to fly off of a building. Something that many kids have naively tried in their hope to be like a superhero. This gets completely ruined when he hands him some sort of a Krrish wrist-band. All right then, this superhero also does marketing for his merchandise. One main problem in the Krrish series is that Krrish is not really much of a superhero. He has superhuman strength and he jumps. That’s as far as it goes (or does it?). For some odd reason, he keeps quivering.

What annoys me the most about this whole series is that this superhero is hardly Indian. He is called Krishna but has more in common with foreign superhero mythologies than our own. What is the point? At least Ra.One (2011) tried to have some Indian connection. Give me that film over this, any day. Even the ones who hated that film will agree that it at least had better music.

Superhero films are my weakness and it’s not a difficult task to make me like one. Albeit, this film is mostly forgettable and unnecessary. It is not completely terrible and is certainly watchable but it has very little sense of fun. A superhero film needs to be fun and exciting, if nothing else. Thor: The Dark World releases next week. Rakesh Roshan will probably watch it and decide what he can use in his next film. I wish some of that involves scripting techniques. The target audience of this film are the kids and I won’t be surprised if they love it. The child in me was not exactly satisfied. I did not hate it but I didn’t like it either.


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