Movie Review: Rajjo (2013)

Box Office: TBA

Its a story of a nautch girl Rajjo (Kangna Ranaut) but her pastoral upbringing has molded her into an altogether a different person quite anlike a Tawaif. who fell in love with 18 years old Brahaman boy Chandu (Paras Arora).

Chandu visited first time to the Kothas of Nagpada with his friends to celebrate his victory, where he meets Rajjo, she mesmerizes him with her powerful Mujra Dance. For Chandu, it is love at first sight. Chandu belongs to a family of Music lovers and Music is the common thread,as is the strong attraction that draws rajjo and chandu together and seals their love.

Begum (Mahesh Manjrekar),who is eunuch,He runs the Kotha, He is a strict person but when he came to know about Rajjo’s love,He gets them married.

Handa Bhau (Prakash Raj) is a corporator with powerful political connections, Who wants Rajjo at any cost. He tries to break the relationship in all the possible ways.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
2.5 ” RAJJO is a well-intentioned movie made with gracious objectives of drawing one’s attention to the genuine issues that plague the society.”
Bollywood Hungama
2.5 “This one falls many notches below expectation.”
Times Of India
Negative Reviews
1.5 “Go for Rajjo only if you are a die-hard Kangana fan.”
1.0 “Rajjo is a bad patchwork of a story that borrows heavily from other films.”
1.0 “Rajjo has many shortcomings making is an easy skip. Filmmaker Vishwas Patil not only fails to extract performance from an actress like Kangana but also fails miserably in putting together a film which can be watched. “
1.0 “Rajjo is a futile exercise in trying to titillate the masses. “
DNA India
1.0 “Rajjo is Kangana’s career-worst.”
1.0 “The tagline on the film’s poster reads: A major film for the masses and the classes. This isn’t savoury for anyone.”
0.0 “Rajjo is a sickening, pathetically made, loud, over dramatic crass of a film.”

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