Movie Review: Singh Saab The Great (2013)

Box Office: Below Avg.

Collector Karanjit Talwar (Sunny Deol) is known for his honesty in the political circles. His life comes to a standstill following a posting to Bhadori where the corrupt Bhudev Singh’s (Prakaj Raj) words is the law of the land. As Talwar tries to stop the area’s malpractices with his strict norms, the man faces the brunt of his good deeds as the villain victimized his family.

It is not long before Talwar loses his dear ones and lands up in jail framed under charges of crimes he hasn’t even committed. But the determined man maintains his will power and mental strength emerging as a social worker under the name of Singh Saab and fights Bhudev’s intricate web of evil doings. The film retells how Singh Saab reforms Bhudev and takes a unique revenge on the guy.

Singh Saab The Great is perhaps one of recent times’ most novel masala films. Despite a multitude of grave hitches, the film is surprisingly original and intense. Being fed on a host of extremely trashy and mediocre masala films which have become Bollywood’s staple these days, Anil Sharma gives us a welcome change. Sunny Deol and Prakash Raj make the film worth a watch for their earnestness and ardour at portraying their respective roles.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “SINGH SAAB THE GREAT is atypical Sunny Deol film that a section of the audience still enjoys.”
Bollywood Hungama
3.5 “Singh Saab The Great is a homage to the cinema of the 1980s when Sunny was the daredevil determined to bring on a social reform.”
NDTV Movies
3.5 “The fans who willing to watch Sunny on screen can watch the movie.”
3.0 “Like all films that talk of reforming society, Anil Sharma’s Singh Saab the Great has its heart in the correct place.”
Times Of India
3.0 “Singh Saab The Great is perhaps one of recent times’ most novel masala films.”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Singh Saab the Great has its moments.”

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