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When Shahrukh Khan was ridiculed for his unconventional looks

Shah Rukh Khan today is a style icon and is rated as the top 10 sexiest man in the world. In fact, SRK has also been voted as the sexiest man in Asia by the Jade magazine in its October 2001 issue but the younger generation may be stunned to know that when Shah Rukh Khan made his debut in Bollywood in the early 90s he was initially ridiculed for his unconventional looks.

The female journalists who today die to interview him initially declined to interview him. In fact, even Juhi Chawla in an interview had confessed that when she first saw Shah Rukh Khan on the sets of RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMAN she was taken aback by his ordinary boy -next -door looks!

Juhi once said, ”When Aziz Mirza, director of RAJU BAN GAYA GENTLEMAN told me that the hero is a new ‘Khan’ making his debut in Bollywood, I felt he must be as charming as Aamir Khan but on the first day of the shoot when I saw Shah Rukh I couldn’t believe that he was the hero!”

However, it was SRK’s histrionics and his dedication towards his profession that impressed Juhi and the two went on to become best of the friends of B-town.


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