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Aamir Khan’s son Azad to watch DHOOM 3, his first Bollywood film

Aamir Khan, who is gearing up for his much awaited film DHOOM 3, would have a special person watching his film. His one year old son Azad, who accompanied his perfectionist dad for the shoot of the film, will be giving his dad company at the special screening of the film.

Whiel Ira and Junaid have a better understanding of the industry over the years, their little brother Azad has been kept away for the last one year.

Now that Aamir Khan’s DHOOM 3 is releasing soon, the actor wants to show it to Azad and thus it will be for the first time that Azad will be watching his dad’s film on celluloid.

Well, we are sure son Azad would be thrilled to watch papa Aamir on the screen!


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