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AIB alleges that YRF has no sense of humour!

One of the most popular stand-up comedy group named AIB (we’re using the abbreviated form of the group’s name), have come out with yet another spoof, but this time, it’s not a spoof of a video or a song or a film, rather it’s about their own sad tale, sung with a ‘sense of humour’, which, according to them, Yash Raj Films lack. Reportedly, the AIB group attempted to create a hilarious spoof of Dhoom 3’s trailer. Despite multiple requests to Yash Raj, as well as offers to modify their existing jokes, the group was told to “never bring it up again” and “drop the idea completely” and rather take a hike and be satisfied. The video of Dhoom 3’s spoof does not exist, but the group has released another video that (basically is a rant from AIB) details the whole story of their conversation with YRF and how it discouraged and shattered their spirit completely. So much so that they have tagged the film industry as ‘Grumpy Ole Bollywood’.

“The internet is littered with movie trailer parodies and mashups, but not in India, because here studios get grumpy and take these parodies down.” The video titled ‘AIB’s humble plea to Bollywood’ tells the tale of four comedians -Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba, Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi.

The song’s lyrics also state: “We made a Dhoom 3 trailer spoof, but Yash Raj sh*t on its fate. We went to ask permission, and it turned into a farce. They told us to drop the idea cos of the stick up their arse! It’s just a simple parody, imitation is just flattery, why don’t you guys just get that?”

They further shared through the video that they even decided to have a mutual agreement of sorts with YRF, stating that they will change their jokes a bit to accomodate their ego.

They promised to include things like ‘Uday Chopra is Wow. Katrina Kaif can never fail,’ but all in vain. They were told rightaway to drop this idea. In return to this experience, AIB reminded the audience about YRF’s many flops (Dil Bole Hadippa, Ta Ra Rum Pum, Neil N Nikki, etc) and shared a laugh.

Towards the end of the video, the group’s rant concluded with the fact they were too scared to reveal the credits of this song creation, making it clear that they dare not mess with a major production company like this, lest they lose their existing jobs as well as lose the chance of ever working in Bollywood.

However, Yash Raj Films have responded to AIB’s spoof video with a tweet that says, “Cool stuff! Love the way they have taken our pants off! Unfortunately we couldn’t allow them to use the spoof that they are upset about because it went into messing around with the personal space of the actors which was not cool. Enjoy! And keep it coming!”

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