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Astrology based Box Office prediction for YRF’s Dhoom 3

‘Dhoom 3’ is releasing on December 20, 2013. The movie, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya has Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Katrina Kaif in lead roles.

According to the movie’s kundali, based on the release date, the movie’s sun sign is Leo. The owner of the lagan is Sun, who is sitting in the 5th house. This is Sun’s own house and hence a very strong position. This is also the house of improvement. The Sun is looking at 7th angle towards the 11th house, which is the profit house. Jupiter is sitting in the 11th house, which is good for business. Due to the strong influence of above factors in the chart, the first 2 weeks of the movie is expected to generate great to excellent business across the country. The movie will continue with good performance in the third and extend it to the 4th week too. No major release in the first couple of weeks of the new year is expected to help the business of the movie substantially.

‘Dhoom 3′ will replicate the success it enjoys in the domestic Box Office to overseas markets, too. It will do great business abroad, adding to overall Box Office numbers and may break a few records in the process. This is due to Venus’ position in the 6th house of the lagan, looking at 7th angle at the Foreign house, which is the 12th house. So, business in overseas markets will be strong.

A strong Moon is sitting in the 10th house from the lagan and looking at 7th angle to the 4th house, which is its own house. Hence, we can say, that action scenes of the movie will be liked and enjoyed by the audience. Katrina’s role in the movie will also be liked and her acting and action scenes will impress the audience. In the Luck house, which is the 9th house from the lagan, there is number 1. Abhishek Bachchan’s intense role in the movie will be liked, which is different from the usual comical performances. Based on the response for his acting, he will now get different kinds of roles, including action and performance oriented roles. Uday Chopra will play a good foil to Abhishek and will be appreciated for his acting, too. However, his career isn’t likely to progress further and Uday may put a stop to his acting career after the movie. He’ll focus more on his new role as a producer. ‘Dhoom 3’ is clearly a movie for the classes and masses. Movie lovers of all ages will enjoy the movie a lot, making it a clear winner.

Critics will also give good to very good rating. The average rating will be in the range of 3.5-4.5 out of 5. The 3rd house from the lagan is the house for critics, and Saturn is strong here.

Aamir Khan is likely to gain the most from the movie and he’ll be the new action hero. The other top stars like Salman, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn have already established themselves as action heroes. As a follow-up to this movie, he’ll move away from the social genre and do a couple of movies in action roles as Mars is sitting in the 2nd house from the lagan.

Vijay Krishna Acharya, the director of the movie will get both recognition and fame from ‘Dhoom 3’ and will be able to wipe out the bad memories of ‘Tashan’. The Production house is likely to be encouraged to make a sequel and the movie may go on the floors, as early as end-2014.

Astro advice: The lead actors in the movie may wear pink cloth and yellow tika on release date to improve the prospects of the movie at the Box Office.

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