Clicked: Jai Ho First Look

Salman Khan launched the trailer of his upcoming film Jai Ho at Chandan Cinema in Mumbai, on Thursday, December 12.

Also clicked was the director of ‘Jai Ho’, Sohail Khan.

Interacting with the media, Salman Khan said: “I stand for justice every day. I consider myself a common man as I do things which a common man does in his day-to-day life…. I ride bicycle, rickshaw, I prefer taking fresh air while travelling in car, etc.”

He added: “Whatever I am today is because of my fans. If they wouldn’t have loved my first film Maine Pyaar Kiya, I wouldn’t be here.”

Salman Khan also talked about the title of the film and said: “Mental was a working title and if at all we had gone ahead with Mental, maybe people have stated calling us as Mental Khan… I don’t have a problem but the other Khans may not like it. Besides my father didn`t like the title Mental and we must listen to our father. Jai Ho was also suggested by my father.”

Catch all the pics of Salman Khan launching the ‘Jai Ho’ trailer on the following pages.

Jai Ho First Look

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