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Clicked: Ranbir Kapoor loses his cool with mediapersons

Ranbir Kapoor is in the news again but for all the wrong reasons. The actor apparently snatched a camera from a paparazzi’s hand and was apparently reported to be yelling at the media person.

Yesterday between 2:30 am and 2:50 am the irritated and maybe slightly tipsy actor forcibly snatched the camera of a television channel personel who was trying to follow him around and put it in his car and angrily informed the cameraman to ask his boss to collect it from him. The incident apparently took place just a few meters away from Ranbir’s home Krishna Bungalow at Pali Hill. According to an eyewitness, Ranbir even used fowl language at the paparazzi for following him around so late in the night.

Ranbir was in the Olive Restaurant in Khar just a few hours before the incident took place. He was also accompanied by his director friend Ayan Mukherjee and film producer Manmohan Shetty’s younger daughter Aarti Shetty. Ranbir was already aware of the paparazzi waiting for him at the rear gate of the restaurant and chose to ditch them by taking an auto rikshaw from the main gate. Ayan then took Ranbir’s Mercedes and drove it till his house where Ranbir was already waiting and it is then when the actor got inside his vehicle.

Reportedly Ranbir even challenged the media persons to come and follow him. According to eyewitness, the actor returned home around 4 am and a lady was seen with him who for sure was not Katrina Kaif. With Ranbir’s sudden outburst it only leaves one question in mind. What is Ranbir trying to hide? Hmmm….perhaps a new look as he was wearing a cap covering his head completely along with a slight goatee!

According to a news report in Apun Ka Choice, Ranbir’s alleged camera snatching incident was reportedly followed by him challenging media persons to race with his car. Usually the one to be at his best behaviour, Ranbir’s recent media attack won’t be soon forgotten.

However, Ranbir isn’t the first Bollywood celeb who has had an altercation with the press. Many celebrities have been caught in situations like this before. Anger management classes anyone?

Ranbir fights with media

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