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Dhoom 3 makers only releasing a 30 seconder teaser of all songs

The recently released song titled ‘Malang’ from Aamir Khan’s next Dhoom 3 has created a stir among the audiences.

Even though only a 30 second teaser of the song has been released, it has managed to be stuck in the mind of the audiences.

A lot of Aamir’s friends and family have requested the actor to show them the entire song. They have expressed to the actor how they have not had enough of only the 30 second cut promo of the song and are very keen to watch the entire piece.

The glimpse of Aamir in his all new gymnast avatar in the song has been loved by friends and family of the actor but they cannot wait to watch and enjoy the entire song.

Maalang is a grand song made on a huge scale. It is easily one of the most expensive songs in Bollywood and has quipped the interest of audiences.

Such a marketing strategy of only sampling content as 30 seconders has never been tried in Bollywood. Aamir and Aditya Chopra are the marketing geniuses of the industry and they believe in less is more out of respect for the intelligence of the audience, who are put off by excessive marketing.

However, the makers of Dhoom 3 are only releasing a 30 seconder teaser of all songs. They want the audience to come in the theaters and enjoy the entire song on the big screens.

The film is set to hit theaters on 20th december.

Spokesperson of the film further adds, “The song Malang has created a stir amongst the audiences. In fact friends and family close to Aamir Khan have put in a special request for the actor to show them the entire song as they cannot wait until the song releases in theaters on 20th December.”


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