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Dhoom 3 ticket prices are not expensive: Aamir Khan

The ticket prices of Dhoom 3 are at par with other big banner films (like Chennai Express or Krissh 3). In single screens and multiplexes, the ticket prices of Dhoom 3 are in the usual price bracket of Rs. 50 – Rs. 380 depending on the show timing and theatre.

The makers of the film are in fact very surprised with the strong rumors of the hike in the ticket prices floating around.

The rumors quote the ticket prices to be exorbitant which has created a misunderstanding among the audiences at large.

Fact of the matter being, Dhoom 3 is the first Bollywood film to release in IMAX theatres. IMAX as a format is expensive and hence the ticket prices in these theatres would be in the price range of Rs 350 to Rs 900.

Aamir Khan says, “Dhoom 3 ticket prices are not expensive. They are priced just like the other films that have released and in general ticket prices also differ as per the show timings. It is also the first Hindi film to release in the IMAX format and there are a total of 4 such screens in India, two of which are in Bombay. Apart from those four screens, the tickets of Dhoom 3 are in the usual price range.”

Journalists were curious to know why it was portrayed like the tickets were very expensive when there is no truth in it and so they asked Aamir if he sees some mischief around this. To this Aamir said, “I’m also surprised where this has come from. We have clarified it before but it keeps coming up. The source of this mischief is unknown to me.”


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