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Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne face each other at their son’s annual day event

Since Hrithik Roshan announced that the love of his life and his wife Sussanne has decided to split after 17 years of relationship, media has been abuzz with speculation if it will be a bitter separation. However, the star and his gorgeous wife disappointed gossipmongers when they came face to face after their split.

Both of them met recently for their sons’ annual day event. Rather than giving each other the cold shoulder or awkward silent treatment, Hrithik and Sussanne were very cordial with each other. They even hugged each other and sat next to each other for the whole evening.

In fact at her store launch, Sussanne was very forthright about her separation and said that though Hrithik and she are separating, they will not let their children be effected by their split and carry on the responsibility of parents perfectly.

Well, it’s always good to see parents taking responsibility. But we sincerely wish that both of them reconcile.


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