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Imran Khan and Avantika expecting their first child

Two years after they tied the knot, the stork has finally visited Imran Khan and wife Avantika Malik. The couple are expecting their first baby.

Yes, Imran Khan is soon going to be a father. Avantika is in the family way and the mood in the Khan family is said to be celebratory. Imran, nephew of Aamir Khan, married Avantika, his then girlfriend of ten years, in January 2011.

They got to know of Avantika’s pregnancy a few months back when she went for a medical test for a suspected case of dengue. Though she tested positive for the disease, the pleasant bit was that she was also found to be pregnant.

The baby is reported to be due in June, 2014.

Imran Khan and Avantika’s marriage has been going strong so far and the coming of the baby will complete the family picture.

We congratulates the couple on this good news and wishes lots of health and happiness for the baby.


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