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Javed was immobile, screaming for help: Shabana Azmi

The co-writer of films like ‘Sholay’ and ‘Deewar’, Javed Akhtar, is in the hospital, fighting a back spasm which had rendered him immobile. His condition was so bad that not only his wife Shabana, but daughter Zoya and daughter-in-law Adhuna rushed to Delhi.

Talking to TOI, Shabana said, “Javed has been suffering from a bad back for a while now. He complained of a spasm just before he left for the 175-year celebration of The Times Of India in the capital last Thursday. He took an injection to relieve the pain and took the flight.

She believes that sitting at the function for five hours in the biting cold at Purana Qila aggravated his condition. “The next morning, when he tried to sit up, he got locked mid-air and started shouting for help. The caretaker had to break the bathroom glass since the bedroom door was locked. He made Javed lie down and that’s when he realised he was immobile. A doctor was called, injections given, but there was no let up in the pain,” she said, adding that had Javed’s Man Friday not come to wake him up, he wouldn’t have heard his screams for help because the house is large.

The help called up the Indian Spinal Injury Centre and an ambulance was dispatched. “A special stretcher was brought into the house, he was pulled on a pulley and put on the stretcher,” said Shabana.

Fortunately, Javed didn’t need to undergo a surgery and is recovering. At the time of going to the press, we learnt that he can sit up. Zoya and Adhuna had left for the airport to return to Mumbai. Shabana who is still by her husband’s side said it will be another two days before he is discharged from hospital.

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