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Katrina walks off sets after being asked to give a retake

Katrina Kaif apparently walked off midway during the shoot of a commercial.

The star was shooting for a beverage brand she endorses for the last six days at a corporate studio at Film City in Goregaon. The shoot, however, couldn’t be finished because right in the middle of it, the actress expressed discontent with the behaviour of the Director of Photography (DOP) who was specially flown in from Australia for the shoot.

Says a source, “Katrina just upped and left the studio. As of now, the shoot has been put on hold.”

Adds the source, “The Australian DOP felt some scenes needed a retake and Katrina was in no mood to comply. Irritated and infuriated, she walked off from the shoot.”

Adds the insider, “The guy was too shocked to react when she just left the studio in a huff. He kept asking around what really happened, as he is obviously unaware of Bollywood stars and their moods.

Katrina remained unavailable for comment.


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