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Christmas comes early this year. Undoubtedly Christmas belongs to Aamir, be it Ghajani, 3 Idiots and now Dhoom 3.
Despite some flaws, the movie entertains you thoroughly. Magical circus, superb cinematography and stunts coupled with dollops of emotions displayed on rich canvas backed by one of the biggest production house makes a housefull paisa vasool cinema.
Be it single screen or multiplex, Yash Raj Films have finally hit the nail perfectly to cater global audience.
The movie has everything which typical Indian melodrama needs; songs, dance, anger, revenge, mystery, love and above all drama. Oh yes, there is also soft and quick smooch scene between the leading pairs.

Well, before I begin with detail review Let me give you SPOILER ALERT. The detail review contains the mystery element of the movie, so readers discern is advised. Let’s begin with short synopsis and analysis of the movie.

The movie tells a story of a circus, which was taken down in 1990 by Western Bank of Chicago as it couldn’t pay off its debt. Jackie who plays father of a child Sahir (played by child artist who later grows up to be Aamir) couldn’t convince the bank to give some more time to pay off the debt so kills himself in front of Sahir. Sahir is now on revenge mode to bring down the bank. The whole movie concentrates upon how Sahir shutdowns every branch of Western Bank of Chicago by stealing its money, while ACP Dixit (Abhishek) & Ali (Uday) tries to catch Sahir.
Story seems pretty simple and straight forward nothing which we haven’t witnessed before in many Hollywood & Bollywood movies, but it’s the screenplay, action stunts, human melodrama woven into the story which makes the movie a joy ride.

If we try to analyze the pros and cons of the movie then I must say despite having superb emotional opening by Jackie & child artist playing Sahir, the first half seems bit unorganized specially Ali & ACP Dixit introduction with Auto rickshaw. It was just lame.
Aamir gets superb introduction, so does Katrina. She just sparkles with her Kamali bit and later in Malang song. She definitely can get into the shoes of Dream Girl Hema Malini of our times. Though she doesn’t much help in the narrative per say, but she is not at all boring to watch be it her dialogues with Aamir or her acrobatic dancing. Even the post movie credits were worth of watch because of her.

Aamir Khan superbly carries the movie upon his shoulder. During the first half, It seemed like instead of Aamir, John Abhram would have suited the role with Bike chases. Plus the height factor was affecting a bit on his screen presence be it introduction tap dance song or actions. Style Quotient seemed missing but I was into a big surprise just before the intermission. Post interval the movie bar just went on rising into thrilling melodrama with twists and turns. Audiences who have been missing full-fledged Aamir roles since 3 Idiots are in here for great treat. How suddenly his height or style quotient wasn’t of any significance post interval when much coherent script followed. Aamir fits the role like
‘T’. It’s sad he doesn’t accept any awards, but this year I can’t think of any other actor who came near to his level of performance barring Irrfan Khan in Lunch Box.
Though the music was not that popular prior the release, the songs has been perfectly woven into the story which carries the story forward. The choreography of those songs is one of the major USP of the movie.
Stunts in the movie are excellent compared to current lot of Hindi movies, still could have been better if we compare with Hollywood movies like MI or Bond Series. Though, I seriously think action directors must stop using slow motion people flying south Indian style fights. It’s been more than 15 years Matrix released so stop using one shot people flying stunts. Even in bike chasing scenes, which forms most part of action, lacked some creativity.

Director have done excellent job of bringing in human emotions into the thriller movie giving it typical bollywoodish touch. He makes the statement clear from the first frame of the movie, it’s not all about style there is also soul in the movie. Though the director seemed to have lost focus in the first of the movie he makes it much more than he had missed post interval.

In the editing department, the movie looks slick and flows with the narrative fine but editor could have chopped of some of the scenes during the start of the movie, most notably Dixt & Ali’s intro. Just to repeat myself, it was LAME. Director could have thought something else for their introduction.
The dialogues of the movie is fine for the major cast like; Aamir, Katrina or Abhishek, but it gets nerve wrecking when Ali is given silly lines which he delivers with much effort. It just dampers the screen flow. The major dailouge of the movie ‘Bande Hai Hum Unske…’ haunts you even after you come out of the theater. It makes you feel strong during first scenes as well as it make you cry at the end of the movie.

The movie is already getting thunderous Box Office Opening in India and Overseas already. Multiplexes have already hanged houseful boards for a day or two due to heavy advance booking. The movie looks like it will break many opening records as it does meets the kind of hype it had prior its release.
So all we can say is Dhoom 3 is definitely worth watch !

BollyGuide ★★★★☆


Here is detail synopsis of the movie for those who are curious enough to know the twists and turns of the movie but couldn’t yet book in their tickets.

Let me start by saying, Story and Screenplay is soul of every movie and Dhoom 3 just bolsters that saying, Had story and screenplay not been up to the mark then neither Aamir’s performance nor Katrina’s dance could have saved the movie. Yes, I know stars loyal fans would have thronged into the theaters during weekend but could hardly bring in repeat viewers. I believe Dhoom 3 will definitely have repeat viewers due to its story. So read at your own risk.

The story begins in 1990 Chicago with Sahir (Child Artist Playing Aamir) and his father (Jackie) talking how to save their circus group from being shut down as they have been defaulting their loan payment. Sahir even sells two rings and a watch to gather $25 to help his father to repay the loan. Jackie says as long as you have this $25 no one will be able to bring down The Great Indian Circus.
Both Father & Son Duo performs a special show for only bank’s executives. They show special kind of human teleportation magic, but the main executive of the bank is not impressed and he says the circus will be shutdown in next 5 days if loan is not paid.

Jackie couldn’t bear the shock and shoots himself in front of young Sahir.

Current day, Sahir wakes up as Aamir Khan and loots first bank – Western Bank of Chicago, the bank which took his father’s life.

ACP Dixit (Abhishek) & Ali (Uday) are called in to assist in the case to nab this thief. Dixit plans a trap to get Sahir in but instead Sahir robs another branch of Western Bank with Dixit’s help. During the chase, ACP Dixit sees Sahir’s face and shoots him on his back. ACP reaches to the circus where he tries to nab Sahir, but strangely there is no bullet sign on Sahir’s back which ACP had fired. He is shocked. The Bank revokes his investigation but ACP stays back to find out the truth.
We are soon revealed the truth; Sahir has an identical twin brother Samar which his father had been hiding from the world expect Sahir. That’s how they used to do teleportation tricks. It was Samar who was hit by the bullet. Both of them were working in coordination to bring down Western Bank of Chicago. While Sahir is smart, Samar is bit introvert and is already in love with Alia (Katrina) who had been hired by Sahir in their circus to play female lead. ACP Dixit finds out the truth of double identity and uses it to create fracture between the brothers. He be-friends with Samar and encourages him to express his love for Alia. Samar as naive he is falls into the trap, but luckily Sahir senses the foul play and in turn traps ACP Dixit. He even tries to kill ACP but luckily Ali saves ACP.

Sahir & Samar needs to bring down now just one more bank of Chicago which they finally succeed. They even successfully escape from the chase, but next morning they get cornered. Sahir makes the deal with ACP to let Samar go, but when he tries to jump off the bridge to commit suicide, Samar catches Sahir’s hand and never let it go. Ultimately both of them fall into deep gorge.

The story has impressions of Hollywood hits like ‘The Prestige’ the dual role and teleportation part, Ocean’s Eleven the last heist part with getting out of the bank using SWAT outfit and many others. But still after pretty long time I was able to watch some movie with meat. After numerous mindless comedies with slapstick’s or buffoonish action movies you will get to watch one movie with style and the substance.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.5 “DHOOM-3 is one solid entertainer loaded with attitude and star power that will leave fans of the series salivating for more.”
4.5 “Aamir Khan didn’t steal in the film, he stole the whole film itself.”
Daily BHaskar
4.0 “Dhoom 3 is a definite must watch. Breathtakingly shot with gorgeous cinematography, this edition notches higher than its preceding films in terms of thrills and mostly in terms of soul. “
4.0 “The movie is sure to keep you hooked; go and watch it for Aamir!”
4.0 “Vrroomming with tremendous energy, pulse rising excitement Dhoom: 3 is a top-notch popcorn entertainment.”
4.0 “Its very well written with Excellent visuals and stunts but with average direction, climax is super awesome.”
4.0 “This Dhoom 3 is the best of the 3.”
4.0 “It is a good option to spend out the weekend.”
3.5 “Aamir Khan nails it as a baddie!”
Bollywood Life
3.5 “Dhoom: 3 is fun while it lasts, but it might not leave the viewer with the sense of having watched a film that is truly unique. “
NDTV Movies
3.0 “The flick stands by its words “The year will end with Dhoom”. Don’t miss it.”
3.0 “Dhoom 3 is bigger, grander and visually spectacular but has it’s share of flaws too. A must watch for the sheer grandeur. “
3.0 “Dhoom 3 is bigger, grander and visually spectacular but has it’s share of flaws too. A must watch for the sheer grandeur. “
Rediff: Sukanya Verma
3.0 “Dhoom 3 will definitely find a place for itself in the crowd and will be enjoyed by a great number of audience.”
One India
Average Reviews
2.5 “DHOOM 3 is like the Indian cricket team of the nineties. After Sachin Tendulkar got out, the batting lost its spine. “
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Dhoom 3 is a visual treat.”
2.0 “Except for a couple of action sequences and a few laughs from Uday Chopra, there is nothing about “Dhoom 3” that justifies you buying a ticket to see this film.”
Blogs Reuters
2.0 “‘Dhoom 3’ is more bust than boom.”
2.0 “Aamir Khan fronts a mind numbingly bad film.”
1.5 “It’s dumber than the first two!”
Rediff: Raja Sen
Video Reviews
4.0 “Dhoom 3 is 2013’s one of the best film.”
4.0 ” Dhoom 3 is an out and out Aamir Khan show and he dominates the proceeding”
2.0 “Aamir Khan’s brand image extension showed more than the dhoom series.”
UTV Stars

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