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SRK jokes about the food trolley at home

Make no mistake about this — Shah Rukh Khan’s hospitality is fantastic. When the superstar invites you home for a dinner party, you will be spoiled silly because he insists on personally taking care of his guests. If you land up unannounced and the gates of Mannat still open up for you, the food service may not be that prompt, says SRK. According to him, the food order goes down to the kitchen based on the ground floor of his six-storey annex soon enough.

How-ever, it takes a long time for the food trolley to come up to the floor on which he is entertaining. “Many a time the guests have already left,” he laughs, adding, “And then I hear the familiar sound of the trolley being wheeled in with all the food neatly laid out.”

Moral of the story: when you go to Mannat without prior notice, please be patient. The host doesn’t wish to send you home hungry. It is just that the wooden trolley has a lot of ground to cover.


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